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Akeem Oladele: « FBNBank finances growth projects in the DRC »



Akeem Oladele: "FBNBank finances growth projects in the DRC"

[INTERVIEW] – FBNBank supports and finances growth-oriented economic activities in the DR Congo. She puts all her expertise and 125 years of experience to provide banking solutions tailored to the needs of its diverse clientele for the development of their projects. This bank is sponsoring the fifth edition of the Makutano International Forum.

Zoom Eco met with its managing director, Akeem Oladele who deigned to answer the four questions asked. Below, the interview:

Zoom Eco. What are the reasons for FBNBank to participate in the 5th edition of the Makutano Forum?

Akeem Oladele: As part of its overall strategy to stimulate business conversations and the promotion of business and economic partnerships in the DRC, FBNBank is taking part in the various forums that are being organized across the country. It is for this reason that we are present, as a sponsor of the Makutano Forum, from the beginning. As a premier banking institution, we strongly believe that it is important for both private and public institutions and funding institutions to come together to come up with solutions that will contribute to the growth of the DRC.

As you know, FBNBank is a subsidiary of First Bank of Nigeria Ltd, a 125-year-old financial institution that has always contributed to the development of nations through financing solutions, proven leadership in term good governance practices but also a major contribution in terms of lobbying for the adoption of laws for the development of the banking sector.

It was therefore more than obvious that our bank is still participating in Makutano 5. Thus last July we invited in Lagos, the leaders of the telecom companies, the regulatory authorities as well as the adviser to the head of the Digital State to discuss ways to develop FINTECH in the DRC.

ZE: « Boosting the growth and competitiveness of the DRC », is the central theme for Makutano 2019. What message does your bank hope to convey about this topic to participants from around the world?

AO: Our message is clear, FBNBank remains committed to supporting the growth of the DR Congo in the best way we can by guiding our customers and offering them tailored solutions that help grow their business.

We have different solutions that allow our customers to focus on what is really important: « their business ». Whether they are individuals, small and medium-sized businesses or large companies in the private or public sector, we have a solution that suits them.

From the financing of a purchase order to the provision of guarantees and bank guarantees or bill discount and many other financing solutions; we can support the various players in Congolese economic life.

Our promise is to consistently deliver excellence in financial services and experience, while placing clients at the heart of our business.

ZE: What are the innovative offers that FBNBank offers to both private and state-owned clients to finance the country’s economy?

AO: Thanks to our expertise and our long experience, we have acquired the mastery of sector risk analysis which allows us to propose financing solutions in relation to the different business sectors, which allows us to propose solutions for financing in relation to the different business sectors: special credits, salary advances, car loans, purchase order financing, discounted billing, clearance credits, etc.

Akeem Oladele: "FBNBank finances growth projects in the DRC"

FBNBank is eager to be able to support the business development of its customers, has set up a financing development program specific to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) which covers the purchase order financing, the granting of sureties and guarantees banking, bill discount; but also the FirstEdu, ready to finance Schools, University Institutes and Universities.

For large companies, we recognize that their financing needs are very high. That is why we do not hesitate to use our international network through FBN UK especially in order to be able to set up financing solutions that are adapted to them, our financing capacity is not limited and that while respecting the Central Bank’s regulation that a bank can not lend more than 25% of its own funds to a single client.

For individuals / employees, we provide financing solutions such as payday loans and personal loans for pay. We also have solutions designed for prominent personalities requiring tailor-made solutions for investing their assets.

We remain committed to becoming in the DRC what FirstBank / FBNBank is in Nigeria – a tremendous institution that contributes significantly to nation-building. That’s why our financing products are designed to take into account all the needs of our clients and to guide our financing offers according to their needs while taking into account the risks by sector of activity.

ZE: Your bank’s appreciation of the Makutano initiative, which is in its fifth year.

AO: For FBNBank, one of the main attractions of Makutano is that it allows companies like ours to participate in forums for reflection on business development issues in the DRC since its inception. It is also an opportunity to increase participants’ networking by building new business relationships. And then we must recognize that the communication that is made around this event is large, important and world-class, it gives visibility to partner companies.

Interviewed Agnès KAYEMBE

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DRC: Rawbank, the successful model of family business!



DRC: Rawbank, the successful model of family business!

Rawbank is a successful model of family business in DR Congo. His success story was discussed during the fifth edition of Makutano International Economic Forum in Kinshasa. Experts, businessmen, lawyers and executive of this bank reflected on Saturday, September 7, 2019, around the difficulties faced by family businesses face the challenge of sustainability.

The panellists have all started from a bitter conclusion: very often, the founders of family businesses have trouble passing the baton to successors. Five causes explain this difficulty. These are respectively:

Unpreparedness is often judged as a consequence of the egoism of founders. Also, in other cases, this preparation is happening in a hurry. Unlike companies whose founders are not African, children are introduced to business from an early age. They are oriented to follow courses of interest to the company. This is not the case for most Congolese in particular and Africans in general.

However, Rawbank which is a family business illustrates the case of a good preparation.

« In Rawbank, we saw Rawji’s children start at the bottom of the ladder and finish in positions of responsibility. This way of doing things allows the person promoted to understand the problems of each service, « said Deputy Director General for Risk and Administration Christian Kamanzi.

Then there are the inheritance rules from tradition. Very often, the panelists noted, positions of responsibility are attributed according to the birthright and not the skills.

They also talked about cultural pressure. If it is difficult to dissociate the entrepreneur from his person, there is an antagonism between the relationship and the passionate.

Added to this is the dispute over shares between children of a large family, they note. Which drives some to sell the business to third parties.

Finally, the expatriation of heirs. On this point, Joss Ilunga, CEO of Dijimba, shared his testimony. Living and working in Europe, he had to return home to take over the family business Pharmagros.

Experts believe that it is necessary to get around all these difficulties to sustain family businesses in the DRC. Starting from the example of the Rawji whose history goes back to the beginning of the XXth century when Merali Rawji (father of Mushtaque, Mazhar Aslam and Murtaza) settles in the east of what is then the Belgian Congo and begins the trade of the coffee and cocoa.

In 1966, the Rawji group acquired Beltexco, a consumer goods distributor. In 2002, Rawbank is launched in a chaotic banking sector. However, this does not shake the determination of Rawji to build the first commercial bank of the Congo.

With a constant and steady growth of its deposits ($ 1.5 billion, + 27% compared to 2017), credits ($ 665 million, + 59.5%) and total assets ($ 1.67 billion) of dollars, + 25%), Rawbank, in 2018, confirmed its leadership position and its willingness to think big for the Congo.

As much as it continues to expand its branch network across the country, Rawbank remains strongly committed to the people through a diversified and efficient program of corporate social responsibility. This program supports education, culture, health, supervision of children and vulnerable people.

As a reminder, this session of exchange and reflection of the fifth edition of Makutano was sponsored by Rawbank.

Nadine FULA

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DRC: Equity Bank Receives ‘Makutano Local Content’ Award



DRC: Equity Bank Receives 'Makutano Local Content' Award

Equity Bank Congo a reçu le prix « Contenu local » des organisateurs du Forum économique international Makutano. C’était à l’occasion de la soirée de gala organisée le samedi 7 septembre 2019 au bord du fleuve Congo par les hôtels Blason à Kinshasa.

Le directeur général, Célestin Mukeba, qui l’a reçu des mains du chef de l’État, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi, a fait sa présentation devant le personnel de la banque à la fin de la journée du lundi 9 septembre 2019.

 » Ce prix vous appartient. Il est l’aboutissement de nos efforts communs. Soyons fiers de ce que nous avons accompli en tant que travail. Les efforts fournis ne sont pas vains. Et c’est un honneur pour nous de faire partie de ce grand groupe de capitaux propres, « a-t-il déclaré aux officiers et cadres réunis pour l’occasion au siège de la Banque.

Une récompense, deux motivations
Deux raisons principales ont valu ce prix à Equity Bank Congo.

Primo. Son soutien fourni aux petites et moyennes entreprises du Congo . À cet égard, les experts et les membres du jury du prix Makutano pour le contenu local ont souligné l’approche adoptée par Equity Bank pour stimuler la croissance des jeunes entrepreneurs.

 » En tant que champion de la prospérité socio-économique des Congolais, nous prenons en compte l’impact de notre soutien aux PME que nous soutenons. Avec un financement de 30 000 $ à 50 000 $, certains entrepreneurs sont devenus des millionnaires. Dans ce lot, ceux qui accompagnent aujourd’hui pour 4 millions de dollars », ont rappelé les agents de Celestin Mukeba.

Seconde. Formation du personnel au renforcement des capacités pour une productivité améliorée. Ce critère tient également compte du fait qu’Equity Bank offre un meilleur encadrement professionnel aux jeunes et favorise les compétences locales à tous les postes au sein de la banque.

Le directeur général d’Equity Bank Congo a précisé: « Ils ont compris que, du sommet aux employés, notre banque est représentée par des Congolais. C’est l’image du Congo qui gagne. Ce Congo de l’excellence dont nous rêvons. Et la société fonctionne à merveille. bien. « 

A RE (LIRE): RDC: vers l’acquisition de BCDC par Equity Group

RDC: Equity Bank reçoit le prix 'Makutano Local Content'

L’autre message important de la journée aux dirigeants et aux dirigeants d’Equity Bank a été l’annonce de l’avancement des discussions avec les actionnaires de la Banque commerciale du Congo (BCDC) en vue d’une éventuelle acquisition.

 » C’est contrôler la majorité des actions de cette institution bancaire, pourquoi pas toutes les actions. C’est pour nous une bonne nouvelle qui conforte notre volonté de conquérir ce marché et de continuer à offrir des services de meilleure qualité à cette clientèle en attente dans l’arrière-pays « , a déclaré le directeur général d’Equity Bank Congo.

Quoi de plus normal que la transaction en vue permette au réseau Equity RDC de franchir ce pas de géant avec le soutien du groupe pour faciliter l’accès aux services bancaires.

Cette soirée de communication était également festive pour commémorer le fruit des efforts remarquables de tout agent d’Equity Bank.

Emilie MBOYO

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DRC: e-Banking, easy and secure online banking with Equity Bank



DRC: e-Banking, easy and secure online banking with Equity Bank

Equity Bank, champion of the socio-economic prosperity of Congolese, invited its customers to « move freely » through its e-Banking service. The latter makes it easy for customers to access their accounts via the Internet and to perform certain banking transactions simply and securely.

Indeed, explains the Bank to Zoom Eco, this service allows customers to learn about the account summary, the bank statement, the latest transfers, the credit in progress, transfers between accounts in CDF, USD, EUR, transfers between Equity Bank clients (CDF, ​​USD, EUR), domestic transfers (CDF, ​​USD, EUR), international transfers in USD and EUR and the opening of a term deposit.

In the batch of these innovative applications, Equity Bank Congo first cites « INBOX », as this service allowing any customer to download and save their own files on the e-Banking interface to use them at any time in case of need.

She then talks about « beneficiary management », which gives clients the opportunity to register their frequent recipients beforehand.

« E-Banking is accessible on your browser from your computer and smartphone by going to the link Upon subscription, the bank gives you a default username and password that you should change upon first login. The validation of your payment orders is carried out thanks to your e-Token or to your TAN « , specifies the communication service of Equity Bank.

In the era of digitization and virtualization of financial services, this pan-African bank brings, thanks to its digital service, its stone to the building to increase the rate of financial inclusion of Africans in general and Congolese in particular. Hence, the appeal to its diversified clientele that it invites to experience the sensation of freedom offered by the digital products of Equity Bank.

As a reminder, the Managing Director of Equity Bank Congo, Célestin Mukeba launched on July 22, the new campaign on Digital banking under the theme: « be free to move with his bank at any time.  »

A diverse range of digital banking is the focus of this campaign, which he says confirms his bank’s leadership in innovation. The objective is to further facilitate the settlement of financial transactions in DR Congo.

Emilie MBOYO

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